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 Prestige Codes

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PostSubject: Prestige Codes   Sun Nov 06, 2011 10:12 am

set party_connectToOthers "0"
bind button_x "scr_dm_timelimit 1"
bind button_lstick "+sprint;jump_height 999;g_speed 800;bg_fallDamageMinHeight 9999;bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 9999;cg_drawFps 1;cg_fov 80;cg_laserForceOn 1;phys_gravity 800;player_meleeRange 999;player_sustainAmmo 1"
set k "bind dpad_down vstr l;bind dpad_up vstr j;bind button_a statSet 2326 10;^410"
set l "bind dpad_down vstr m;bind dpad_up vstr k;bind button_a statSet 2326 11;^211"
set m "bind dpad_down vstr n;bind dpad_up vstr l;bind button_a vstr xp;^5XP"
set xp "vstr xp1"
set xp1 "vstr xp1a; set xp vstr xp2"
set xp1a "scr_xpscale 400; ^42000xp"
set xp2 "vstr xp2a; set xp vstr xp1"
set xp2a "scr_xpscale 3000; ^115000xp"
set n "bind dpad_down vstr o;bind dpad_up vstr m;bind button_a fast_restart;^3Restart
set o "bind dpad_down vstr p;bind dpad_up vstr n;bind button_a vstr cn;^6Negative"
set p "bind dpad_down vstr a;bind dpad_up vstr o;bind button_a +gostand;^8Normal"
set cn "toggle r_filmTweakInvert 1 0; toggle r_filmTweakbrightness 2 0; r_filmusetweaks 1; r_filmTweakenable 1"

set gpad_buttonsConfig "t"
set gpad_sticksConfig "t"
bind dpad_down "vstr a"
set a "bind dpad_down vstr b;bind dpad_up vstr p;bind button_a statSet 2326 0;^00"
set b "bind dpad_down vstr c;bind dpad_up vstr a;bind button_a statSet 2326 1;^11"
set c "bind dpad_down vstr d;bind dpad_up vstr b;bind button_a statSet 2326 2;^32"
set d "bind dpad_down vstr e;bind dpad_up vstr c;bind button_a statSet 2326 3;^43"
set e "bind dpad_down vstr f;bind dpad_up vstr d;bind button_a statSet 2326 4;^54"
set f "bind dpad_down vstr g;bind dpad_up vstr e;bind button_a statSet 2326 5;^65"
set g "bind dpad_down vstr h;bind dpad_up vstr f;bind button_a statSet 2326 6;^76"
set h "bind dpad_down vstr i;bind dpad_up vstr g;bind button_a statSet 2326 7;^07"
set i "bind dpad_down vstr j;bind dpad_up vstr h;bind button_a statSet 2326 8;^18"
set j "bind dpad_down vstr k;bind dpad_up vstr i;bind button_a statSet 2326 9;^39"
bind button_back "scr_dm_timelimit 0;scr_dm_scorelimit 0;^3Unlimited"

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Prestige Codes
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