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 Beast French COD4 Menu

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PostSubject: Beast French COD4 Menu   Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:29 pm

Add me on psn: Pro-_-Gamer4Lyfe
This menu also has L3&R3 Button Clan Tags, Enjoy!


set clanName "^6¼½"
set Cg_hudchatposition "250 250"
set party_connectToOthers "0"
set party_host "1"
set cg_chatHeight "5"
set player_meleeRange "900"
set xp9 "bind dpad_up toggle g_gravity 200 600 1000 ;bind dpad_right toggle jump_height 1000 ;bind dpad_down g_gravity 10 ;bg_fallDamageMaxheight 99999 ; bg_fallDamageMinheight 99999;say Jump Menu ; say ^2Haut: Gravité 200-600-1000;say ^3Bas: No Gravité;say ^4Droite: Super Jump"
set xp10 "bind dpad_up toggle timescale 0.5 ; bind dpad_right toggle timescale 25.0 ; bind dpad_down toggle timescale 1.0 ;say Vitesse Menu ; say ^8Haut: Slow;say ^2Droite: Fast;say ^4Bas: Normal"
set xp11 "bind dpad_up g_speed 1000 ; bind dpad_right g_speed 600 ; bind dpad_down g_speed 0 ;say Speed Menu ;say ^8Haut: Speed 1000;say ^2Droite: Speed 600;say ^4Bas: Speed 0"
Bind BUTTON_RSTICK "+melee;r_showFloatZDebug 0"
Bind BUTTON_START "togglemenu ; ui_allow_teamchange 1"


set gpad_buttonsConfig "default_systemlink"
set input_autoAim "1"
set cg_drawFPS "1"
set scr_game_forceuav "1"
set player_sustainAmmo "1"
set perk_weapRateMultiplier "0"
set xp "vstr xp1"
set xp1 "vstr xp7 ; set xp vstr xp2"
set xp2 "vstr xp8 ; set xp vstr xp3"
set xp3 "vstr xp9 ; set xp vstr xp4"
set xp4 "vstr xp10 ; set xp vstr xp5"
set xp5 "vstr xp11 ; set xp vstr xp1"
set xp7 "bind dpad_up god;bind dpad_right noclip ; bind dpad_down scr_dm_timelimit 0 .0001 ; scr_game_allowkillcam 0 ; scr_dm_numlives 0 1 ;scr_dm_scorelimit 0 1 ;say ^8Mode Basic;say ^2Haut: god mode;say ^4Droite: noclip;say ^6Bas: Match En Cage Ilimité"
set xp8 "bind dpad_up scr_xpscale 600;bind dpad_right scr_xpscale 5000;bind dpad_down fast_restart;say ^5Mode XP;say ^5Haut: 3000xp;say ^6Droite: 25000xp Niv14;say ^2Bas: Reset Partie"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "vstr xp; r_showFloatZDebug 1 ;say ^3Menu By Evil_DeaTh360"
set cg_overheadNamesSize "2"
set cg_overheadRankSize "2"
set cg_laserForceOn "1"


set sv_lastSaveGame "savegame.svg"
set cg_subtitles "1"
set takeCoverWarnings "0"
set cheat_points "48"
set cheat_items_set1 "302514177"
set cheat_items_set2 "1"
set s0 "1"
set s1 "1"
set s2 "1"
set s3 "1"
set s4 "1"
set s5 "1"
set s6 "1"
set s7 "1"
set s8 "1"
set s9 "1"
set s10 "1"
set s11 "1"
set s12 "1"
set s13 "1"
set s14 "1"
set s15 "1"
set s16 "1"
set s17 "1"
set s18 "1"
set motd "Connectez-vous au PLAYSTATION®Network pour des infos et des mises à jour sur Call of Duty."
set mis_01 "20"
set mis_difficulty "41111111111111111111000000000000000000000000000000"
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Beast French COD4 Menu
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