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 Cod4Codes Editer Red And Yellow v1 With Vid

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PostSubject: Cod4Codes Editer Red And Yellow v1 With Vid   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:24 am

set gpad_buttonsConfig "default_systemlink"
set input_autoAim "1
set Cg_hudchatposition "310 250"
set party_connectToOthers "0"
set party_host "1"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "scr_xpscale 5000 ; fast_restart;say ^1L^3O^1W^3X^1P"
bind BUTTON_RTRIG "scr_xpscale 80000 ; fast_restart;say ^1H^3I^1G^3H^1X^3P"
bind BUTTON_LSTICK say ^1C^3O^1D^34^1C^3O^1D^3E^1S^3E^1D^3I^1T^3E^1R"
bind BUTTON_RSTICK say ^1Y^3O^1U^3T^1U^3B^1E^3.^1C^1O^3M^1/^3C^1O^3D^14^3C^1O^1D^3E^1S^3G^1R^3O^1U^3P"

set xp "vstr xp1"
set xp1 "vstr xp5;set xp vstr xp2"
set xp2 "vstr xp6;set xp vstr xp3"
set xp3 "vstr xp7;set xp vstr xp4"
set xp4 "vstr xp8;set xp vstr xp1"
set xp5 "bind dpad_left god;bind dpad_right noclip;bind dpad_up jump_height 220;g_speed 250;bg_falldamageminheight 999;bg_falldamagemaxheight 999;;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U;say ^1G^3O^1D ^1U^3F^1O ^1J^3U^1M^3P"
set xp6 "bind dpad_left give all;bind dpad_right kick all;bind dpad_up toggle r_debugShader 1 0;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U ^1G^3I^1V^1E ^1K^3I^1C^3K ^1R^3A^1I^3N"
set xp7 "bind dpad_left set cg_thirdPerson 0;bind dpad_right set cg_thirdPerson 1;bind dpad_up give defaultweapon_mp;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U ^1TH^3I^1R^3D ^1THI^3RD^1OFF ^1NO^3G^1U^3N"
set xp8 "bind dpad_left give radar_mp;bind dpad_right give airstrike_mp;bind dpad_up give helicopter_mp;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U;say ^1M^3E^1N^3U ^1U^3A^1V ^1AI^3R^1ST^3IK ^1CH^3OP^1PR^3R"
set clanName "^1CG"
bind dpad_down "vstr xp"
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Cod4Codes Editer Red And Yellow v1 With Vid
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