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 cod4 zombies codes

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PostSubject: cod4 zombies codes   Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:33 pm

set party_connectToOthers "0"
set cg_drawFPS "1"
set player_meleechargefriction "2500"
bind BUTTON_LSTICK "+sprint;ui_gametype ^1ZOMBIES!;say ^1Blaster^5Modz!;g_teamicon_allies weapon_desert_eagle_gold;g_teamicon_axis specialty_armorvest;g_teamname_allies ^1Humans;g_teamname_axis ^2ZOMBIES;g_scorescolor_allies 0 1 0;g_scorescolor_axis 1 0 0"
bind BUTTON_RTRIG "take all;give defaultweapon_mp;take ammo;cg_drawgun 1;ammocounterhide 1;scr_player_maxhealth 200;g_speed 400;jump_height 90;^1Kill_The_Humans"
bind BUTTON_LTRIG "take weapons;give barret_mp;give deserteaglegold_mp;give mp5_silencer_mp;give rpd_mp;give remington700_acog_mp;give ammo;cg_drawgun 1;ammocounterhide 0;scr_player_maxhealth 100;g_speed 190;jump_height 39;^5You_Are_Human"
bind BUTTON_B "scr_player_maxhealth 124"
bind BUTTON_X "fast_restart"

set gpad_buttonsConfig "t"
set gpad_sticksConfig "t"
set M "vstr M1"
set M1 "vstr M1a ; set M vstr M2"
set M1a "bind BUTTON_X give rpg_mp take briefcase_bomb_mp; bind DPAD_RIGHT give brickblaster_mp; bind DPAD_UP give c4_mp; bind DPAD_LEFT give claymore_mp"
set M2 "vstr M2a ; set M vstr M3"
set M2a "bind button Rstick wait 200;say_team ^1M&C Market;wait 100;give briefcase_bomb_mp;wait 50;say_team ^5press right for ammo,press up for health; bind DPAD_RIGHT give ammo; bind DPAD_UP give health; bind DPAD_LEFT toggle cg_laserforceon 1 0"
set M3 "vstr M3a ; set M vstr M1"
set M3a "bind button_x +reload; bind dpad_right give claymore_mp"
bind DPAD_DOWN "vstr M"
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cod4 zombies codes
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